Going Through the Door

Finding Miracles
A Warts and All Testimony
Going through the Door and Finding Miracles: A Warts and All Testimony is really two books in one. As a child whose mother committed suicide, and later suffered abuse from a relative, I was rescued by a woman I now call Mom.
I ignored God, though I knew he was always there somewhere.  While living a reckless and selfish life, the Lord kept putting miracles in front of me. Through his grace, I survived drugs, and several misfortunes that made me think I was a cat with nine lives.  God put doors in front of me, and my mother gave me the courage to go through them. The book is written the way I talk, and all the pieces fall into place at the end. It lists the miracles I have witnessed, while chronicling my life.  It is my hopes that this will help reach those that are in despair, and help them to believe that God is real.

I, Jacob Belk, have known Janice for more than 15 years, and we have always been very honest with one another. This is why she asked me to read and assist in her writing process. Now, after working on this book for a year and reading it countless times, I must say I have a new found respect for Janice and the work she is doing in God’s name. This book has opened my mind to things I never even thought of before. I believe this can truly help many people find their way and make their lives brighter.
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