This book is very insightful of everyday miracles, a great and easy read. Her life obviously had its struggles which everyone can relate to! I found myself saying, " that's so true" mainly about God being the voice in your head letting you know what to do at that very moment, instincts. This book allows you to see you are not alone, others have bad and good times as well, but God is watching and taking care of all his children. Definitely recommend it!

Erika Fink

What an amazing book!!!! God is real and I think that this book made me realize a lot of things I needed to hear at the right time! The book, which both my boyfriend and I read in 2-3 days because we were fighting over it to finish it, was just amazing! Everyone needs to get a copy, very inspiring !!!!!! Janice you have been through so much, God was with you every step of the way!


In this book, there are a lot of wonderful testimonies about how God actively cares for us, even though we are often unaware of it. Janice is open and honest about her life, and is very "real". The miracles of what the Lord has done for her, are varied, sometimes humorous, and the reader is sure to find common ground and experiences in this book. She takes you through her spiritual journey, ending up with forgiveness in her heart, joy, and a great desire to worship the Lord Jesus after receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Chris F.

I read Janice's incredible book from beginning to end in one day. Her emotional journey has you crying in one chapter and laughing in the next. I highly recommend this amazing book! 

Linda Mick Weidner